We go through a series of assessments that starts by getting an estimate of today‚Äôs value of your business and connects that business asset to you personally. We then dive deeper into your business and look at how the business as an asset connects to your personal financial planning to ensure that you’re protected, your family is protected and that your business and personal planning goals are fully integrated for success.

Discover Assessment


  1. Completed in 15-20 minutes
  2. Evaluates business across 18 Value Drivers
  3. Delivers NACVA-reviewed…
    – Enterprise Value
    – Potential Value
    – Value Gap
  4. Highlights areas of focus for
    business owner
  5. Immediate, actionable results

Fast & Powerful

Based on a rigorous set of private business standards, first developed at MIT, the Discover Assessment Tool gains valuable insights into your business across 18 Value Drivers. The short, 22 question assessment views business operations from every angle and compares the data with over 40 years of best practices.

Using Discover helps the business owner immediately understand what their business is worth. The report will identify the top three growth opportunities within the company and
highlight any significant risk conditions the business may have. Your business is an asset. The Discover Assessment ensures that you are addressing the areas that add the most value for the biggest return on your most important investment.

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